TRIDELITY is the first manufacturer worldwide to offer glasses-free 3D video walls in various configurations, such as 3×3 (165″) and 2×2 (110″). We have made out-of-home 3D advertising in huge dimensions a reality. The following are the main features of the TRIDELITY 3D video wall:

  • Glasses-free 3d video wall in fantastic dimensions – up to 14 feet (4 meters) in screen size and up to 80 square feet (7.4 square meters) in screen surface
  • Viewing distances of 50 feet (15 meters) or more – custom distances available
  • Extremely high resolution – each screen is a full-HD 55″ model; even the 2×2 model runs Quad HD resolution
  • Extremely slim bezel – just 0.2 inch per screen, thanks to “ultra-narrow bezel” technology
  • Real 3D depth performance on the whole slim-design screen
  • Alternative configurations such as 7×1, 3×2 and 4×3 video walls available upon request – TRIDELITY’s unique portrait (vertical) screen format also available
  • Video walls available in both LANDSCAPE ( see reference Nike ) and PORTRAIT ( see reference Sony Center ) configurations
  • Up to 5760×3240 pixels of breathtaking glasses-free 3D
  • Comprehensive, worry-free packages – preconfigured video walls with all components needed for 24/7 operation

Check out our standard configurations: