Throughout our history, TRIDELITY has demonstrated technology leadership in the field of glasses-free 3 D displays and autostereoscopic displays. A pioneer in the field since 2006, TRIDELITY has maintained our lead through ongoing innovation. TRIDELITY holds a number of international patents in autostereoscopic technology and was the first company to present developments such as glasses-free 3D displays in portrait format and AS3D video walls with extra-thin bezel technology.

TRIDELITY’s products are MADE IN GERMANY, which ensures the highest imaginable quality standard. Our products and innovations are developed and engineered in St. Georgen, Germany, a region well known for decades for its high-tech know-how and inventive genius.

TRIDELITY’s production line has been certified for European and North American markets for both IT and medical equipment, according to respective directives and standards. An internationally accredited independent third-party testing, certification and field evaluation body regularly audits TRIDELITY to ensure reliability and the highest production quality.

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