TRIDELITY has an insatiable appetite for perfection, resulting in a steady drive for improvement and innovation. Since our foundation, the TRIDELITY team has lived for our belief that naked-eye 3D is going to influence the world of media in a disruptive fashion.

We are passionate about the idea that the highest-quality standards and truly compelling 3D comfort, combined with the right ideas, will lead this technology to transform today’s and tomorrow’s markets.

As a result, TRIDELITY announced the first glasses-free display in portrait (vertical) alignment and the first ultra-narrow bezel video walls. TRIDELITY is clearly at the forefront of this technology. Check out some of our current developments:


With TRIDELITY’s Unity engine plug-in, we have set up the basics for designing product configurators for state-of-the-art virtual showrooms. The most prestigious car brands have recently decided to expand their footprint with virtual boutiques where clients virtually experience products. One obvious advantage of these showrooms is that any product variation can be virtualized, making it unnecessary for each sales location to carry extensive stock.

3D technologies like glasses-free 3D will play an attractive role in equipping such virtual showrooms. With the Unity plug-in, TRIDELITY provides a simple approach for generating easy-to-use product configurators. Plus, TRIDELITY has already implemented an app that allows the configurator to be controlled easily via a tablet PC.


TRIDELITY has implemented a solution for the Unity engine that lets different 3D content items move according to the beat of music being played in the area. This revolutionary idea can be applied to digital advertising in bars, clubs and discotheques.
For instance, the advertiser of a soft drink could have its branded bottle “dance” in 3D to the music being played, with drops of the drink popping off the bottle – and the screen – at each beat. Also, virtual 3D dancers could be designed who could perform thrilling dance moves on the screen, to the beat of the music. Imagine the entertainment and advertising impact this approach would have on the dance floor of your favorite club!


In certain no-glasses 3D tablet applications – for example, mobile medical data visualization applications – a 2D-3D switch is a must. Doctors want to read their email and reports or browse the Internet in regular 2D. But when doctors need to analyze a 3D data set or communicate it to a patient, the 2D-3D switch will turn the regular 2D tablet into a no-glasses 3D tablet. An all-in-one 2D-3D tablet is just what doctors need.
TRIDELITY is ready to take requests for customized development and licensing of 3D technologies.


TRIDELITY is the only manufacturer to support all major operational system available. Besides Windows, Linux and Mac OS digital signage support, we offer a light-weighted player for Android providing a whole new possibility for digital signage and proximity marketing by creating a low-cost, low-power-consumption, small-factor platform that still allows you to easily deliver eye-catching glasses-free 3D content to remote auto-stereoscopic displays with high performance.


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