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no glasses needed
No glasses needed!

Autostereoscopic 3D Displays For Digital Signage - 3D ohne Brille

3d without glasses tv

TRIDELITY - your provider of autostereoscopic (= glasses-free) 3D monitors with highest imaginable 3D quality and crispest 3D perception both for 3D digital signage and entertainment as for science, industry and education.

TRIDELITY - Ihr Hersteller autostereoskopischer ( = brillenlos) 3D-Displays in höchster 3D-Bildqualität sowohl für 3D-Advertising & 3D-Entertainment als auch für 3D im Arbeitsbereich für Wissenschaft, Industrie und Bildung.

TRIDELITY - seu provedor de monitores 3D autoestereoscópicos (= sem óculos) com a melhor qualidade e resolução 3D para as areas de  propaganda, entretenimento, ciência e educação.

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