You might wonder why glasses-free 3D is not yet widely implemented in out-of-home advertising? Well, here is the reason: Doing digital signage in 3D is not easy task for anybody. Ninety-eight percent of digital signage software companies and digital signage system integrators do not have any experience in 3D yet and lack the skill sets necessary to create glasses-free 3D. They feel comfortable to run content management software in 3D, they don´t know how to generate a content for auto-stereoscopic 3D or achieve 3D conversion and mostly they feel insecure to advise on the correct location for glasses-free 3D hardware.

Naturally the majority of the players in this business is reluctant to open up to the more effective glasses-free 3D technology because they lack experience and confidence in the new technology and fear the cannibalization of their existing 2D business. In fact, a limited number of companies around the world confidently offer compelling glasses-free 3D for digital signage projects. TRIDELITY and our trained and authorized partners worldwide are among these companies. Together we work on the change!
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