You might wonder why glasses-free 3D is not yet widely implemented in out-of-home advertising? Well, here is the reason: Doing digital signage in 3D is not easy task for anybody. Ninety-eight percent of digital signage software companies and digital signage system integrators do not have any experience in 3D yet and lack the skill sets necessary to create glasses-free 3D. They feel comfortable to run content management software in 3D, they don´t know how to generate a content for auto-stereoscopic 3D or achieve 3D conversion and mostly they feel insecure to advise on the correct location for glasses-free 3D hardware.

Naturally the majority of the players in this business is reluctant to open up to the more effective glasses-free 3D technology because they lack experience and confidence in the new technology and fear the cannibalization of their existing 2D business. In fact, a limited number of companies around the world confidently offer compelling glasses-free 3D for digital signage projects. TRIDELITY and our trained and authorized partners worldwide are among these companies. Together we work on the change!
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Selecting the right 3D hardware is the starting point of any 3D digital signage approach. TRIDELITY is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer four different sizes of screens in both landscape (horizontal) mode and patented portrait (vertical) mode.
In addition, TRIDELITY is the only provider of both landscape and portrait video walls in autostereoscopic 3D. Various configurations are possible, such as 3×1, 2×2, 3×3 and 4×3 (at 55″ per single-screen unit).

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TRIDELITY is an expert in glasses-free 3D content productions. There are many ways to meet client´s requirements and fulfill their ideas and wishes. Tridelity can create ads from scratch, work with 2D material like photos, combine 2D films with 3D animation elements or even rework full 2D ad videos into glasses-free 3D ones through advanced 3D conversion methods.
Generally the work process looks as follows:

  • Brainstorm basic ideas with the client
  • Analyze which data already exists and is accessible
  • Create a basic storyboard
  • Discuss and fine-tune the storyboard with the client
  • Receive approval for the storyboard from the client
  • Do the work

Content or conversion prices vary depending on level of complexity, duration of video and level of input data. Tridelity is happy to offer you the right content according to your individual needs and aims.


In addition to working with our own ad sales team, TRIDELITY cooperates with a number of advertising agencies, each with vast experience booking ad space on a global scale.
Jointly with strong partners in the field, TRIDELITY safeguards for our own digital signage networks and for networks of our partners, ensuring that these run on our solid 3D hardware, reliable content management and sustainable advertising schedule. This benefits all parties involved.
Our ad sales clients are a key priority. TRIDELITY’s entrepreneurial objective is to secure for our advertisers the most impactful and attractive presence at the right location and at the right time, thus making better use of funds, as compared with regular media alternatives.


With regard to content management software, TRIDELITY offers a proven, state-of-the-art software solution with more than 30,000 licenses deployed globally. TRIDELITY reliably provides all the features you’d expect of a CMS for 2D work but tailored especially for glasses-free 3D. Among others, the basic features are the following:

  • A transparent and easy-to-understand price model
  • Web-based uploads via DSL or WLAN
  • Optional private cloud server hosting
  • Simple scheduling, including keyword-based campaign management
  • Smart previewing
  • Proof-of-play reports and immediate error notice in case of no-show situations
  • Audience measurement

In short, TRIDELITY knows how to run your digital signage network reliably in naked-eye 3D. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information on CMS solutions and possibilities for 3D.


Naturally, as the inventor and manufacturer of glasses-free 3D displays and 3D video walls, TRIDELITY knows what we’re talking about when it comes to professional positioning for 3D hardware. Plus, TRIDELITY has proven expertise in installation and ongoing maintenance.
TRIDELITY has the capacity and flexibility to meet your needs for on-site deliveries and installations, even on short notice. We also provide an optional 24/7 exchange service to all our customers that cannot accept no-show situations.


As a 3D digital signage and 3D media company, TRIDELITY supports successful 3D digital networks worldwide. Whether a client is a system integrator, a retail company, a media consultant or even an out-of-home advertiser, as long as the business model and the professionalism of the partnership are right, TRIDELITY is open to arranging for financing or rental concepts on a case-by-case basis.

If you have a great idea, good access and – most important – the drive and guts for a high-profile 3D digital signage business, TRIDELITY is your partner of choice to make this business happen.