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Stereocopic Display

TRIDELITY’s display are brighter because of two main aspects. One is the fact that the MV displays uses 5 views, which means less light is lost than stereoscopic displays with more views. The other advantadge is that the displays are built with a high precision optic element, which allows to minimalize the brightness loss. 

Can I use the stereoscopic display without a computer?

Yes, but it will depend on the application you have in mind. Contact us for more information

Why does TRIDELITY use 5 views?

Using 5 views means that the resolution per-eye will be at most devided by 5. This means you will have a higher resolution as systems using 8 or 9 views and still have a confortable change of one view to the other.

What is a sweetspot?

In the stereoscopy jargon, the sweet-spot is the place where a correct 3D effect can be visuallized. It’s usually given in centimeters from the display and the lengh.If you here of a 5 cm sweet spot, it means you can move left or right 2,5 cm and still have a correct stereo view.


Is there the possiblity to show interactive 3D applications?

Yes, but you will need a better Workstation. A Nvidia Quadro and AMD Fire Pro graphics card are recommended. TRIDELITY stereoscopic display offer support for major software manufactures and solutions like Unity, Amira, Autocad, Catia, etc. 

Is there a content management software for networks?

Yes, we provide a content management software for network as well. Check the digital signage solutions on the front page. 

Which formats are supported?

TRIDELITY supports virtually any video format that might be played under Windows and most image formats: jpg, bmp, tiff, png, etc…
Regarding the 3D format, we support 9-tiled, 8-tiled, 5-tiled images and videos. We recommend however the Mpeg 4 multi-stream format in order to achieve higher resolutions. Additionally we currently support VRML 97, 2.0 and X3D files. as well as .md2 and Wave Front .obj files.

I have a program that supports 3D, will it work?

If your program support quad-buffered stereo (also called hardware stereo), there is a good chance it’s compatible with our SV and SL series. You will need in this case an ATI/AMD FireGL or a nVidia Quadro graphic card. For the multi-view series MV/ML we offer a driver that makes virtually any Windows-based application compatible with our displays, please contact us for more information.

I'm a programmer and I would like to support your displays, what should I do?

If you represent a company, please contact us by sending an email to software[at]tridelity.com. We will provide you the necessary information. We currently do not offer support for free-lancers nor private persons.

TriView cannot play a file, what should I do?

Please make sure you have all components installed. Some applications install codecs and override the previous settings, so if you just see a black screen you should uninstall ffdshow and matroska ad re-install them after rebooting your PC.

Videos are playing but not in 3D

In this case, make sure you select the correct screen type, also check the resolution of the screen, it should be set to the native resolution. Please note that we do not support VGA connections, you must connect the digital output of the screen: DVI, Display-Port – please not that HDMI might cause problems if the graphic card send a TV compatible signal it will destroy the 3D effect, in this case use a DVI adapter. Also notice that increasing the font-size on Windows will break the 3D effect as well.

I have a video with 8 views, will it work?

Yes. We support any tiled or multi-stream video with 5 or more views. 

I have a video with depth map, will it work?

Videos with depth map might be converted to our format but we do not recommend it. This format cannot display transparency and it will generate artifacts on the edges of objects with parallax so it’s better to generate real 3D content. 

How should i build a stereo system using two cameras?

If you are a customer, we can provide technical documentation and support on building rigs but as a rule of thumb, you should fix them parallel to each other. In order to calculate the separation, use 1/30 of the distance to the near object.You might find more information on the internet, ideally you should use cameras that have an asymmetrical frustum, but there is no such cameras in the market.

My company has a 3D display, can I use the 2D/3D software from TRIDELITY?

Yes, we would need to change the software but it’s possible. Please contact us.

I'm using BS Contact Stereo 7.1 but the stereo image looks inverted.

Please change the stereo settings using a negative value.


Do I need an expensive computer to play the content?

No, for a passive system a new mainstream computer will do. The only requirement is that you need a NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or better.

Is Mac and Linux supported?

Yes, both are supported as player and the plugins work for Mac and Windows.


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