TRIDELITY’S passion has always been the high-quality development, engineering and manufacturing of German-made autostereoscopic 3D hardware.
TRIDELITY holds a wide set of well-recognized patents in the industry. One of our latest patents is for glasses-free 3D technology in portrait (vertical) mode, and another is for glasses-free 3D video walls with ultra-thin bezels. The latter allows scaling of no-glasses 3D technology to uniquely huge dimensions and to up to 16 feet (5 meters) of out-of-screen 3D effects.
TRIDELITY’s leading position in glasses-free 3D image quality is predicated on the fact that TRIDELITY hardware delivers the highest 3D resolution in the industry, combined with an extraordinarily smooth transition of views.
We offer the most precise 3D depth quality and the highest 3D viewing comfort simultaneously, with a wide-angle view of 120°.

LESS IS MORE! When it comes to high-quality autostereoscopic 3D, don’t be misguided by the claim that a higher number of points of view will result in better 3D performance. The opposite is true! By pure physics, the higher the number of points of view, the lower the resolution per point of view – and the poorer the perceived 3D image quality and 3D depth. This is why TRIDELITY’s glasses-free 3D display for public use is based on five points of view. Please download this Presentation on 3D Resolution to get all the details.
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